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1. Have you completed a course or are you self-taught?

I am self-taught and I spend a lot of time practicing and learning new techniques.

2. What is your inspiration?

I get inspired by music, characters from animated and horror films and I get a lot of ideas from my children.

3. How long does body painting take?

When I’m doing an illusion, I need between 2 and 8 hours for painting.

4. How do you prepare for a painting session?

I need one day to think of the character or the illusion I want to do. Then I sketch it out on my face so as to make sure it is doable and finally I prepare the colors and the make-up I need for the painting. After completing the shoot, the video editing takes several hours.

5. How did you start and why?

Considering the fact I couldn’t find a job in my town, I decided to turn my hobby into a job. I started doing wall paintings but soon switched to children face painting at birthday parties due to a spinal injury. However, this type of painting did not quite satisfy my imagination so I decided to do illusions which are very complicated and represent a great challenge for me. This is where I found myself and I made a decision to share my illusions with people on the Internet.

6. Do you paint other people and how long does it take?

I also paint other people and it takes less time. I need 3 to 6 hours for one body painting.

7. Why did you decide to work on yourself and is it difficult?

I sometimes get inspired at late hours which is why it is difficult to find a model. Being your own model is not easy whatsoever as you have to do everything in reverse. I use three mirrors for this reason.

8. Do you also work on set, films and music videos?

Body art and special effects make-up are very present in the film and music industry so I have a large amount of such work in my country and abroad to my name.

9. Do you still compete?

I’ve decided not to compete anymore as my desire was to do YouTube.

10. What are your plans for the future?

Big projects for world famous productions would fulfill my ambitions. I would like to expand my art as well as teach and hold seminars across the world someday. Living in the USA is definitely a plan for the future. My unfulfilled wish is to be an actress.